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Humane Education at West Valley Humane Society

Welcome to West Valley Humane Society’s Humane Education Program. We launched this program in the fall of 2018 as an integral part of our mission to promote animal welfare. Through this program, we reach out to children in schools, libraries, museums, and other community spaces. Our educational topics are versatile and can be tailored to suit your classroom, event, or specific needs.

Available Topics

  • General Animal Welfare and Pet Care: Learn the essentials of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.
  • Pet Safety Tips and Bite Prevention: Gain insights into staying safe around animals and preventing bites.
  • ‘How To’s/ What to Do’s” for Common Questions: Get answers to common questions about pet care and animal behavior.
  • Storyboard Activities and Poster Projects: Engage in creative activities like storyboarding and poster creation.
  • Creative Writing Activities for Adoptable Animals: Use your creativity to craft compelling stories for our adoptable animals.
  • Professions in Animal Welfare: Explore career opportunities in the field of animal welfare.

We have an exciting new curriculum that spans multiple subjects, from STEM to reading and writing. Please contact us with your requirements, and we’d be delighted to arrange an educational session in your area!

Program Highlights

  • Tortoise and the Hare: We start with a group reading of the classic tale “Tortoise and the Hare.” Our team brings tortoises and a rabbit to introduce fun facts about these animals. Children get the opportunity to interact with and feed the animals. We also organize an arts and crafts session to make paper plate tortoises and play Tortoise and the Hare-themed games.
  • Cat Crew: Our cat-themed storytime gets all the kids engaged and interested. We allow students to visit with our cats at the shelter. Children can participate in making cat toys and even create cat forts with old boxes, markers, and decorations. This session can be hosted at the shelter or your chosen location.
  • Dog Treat Making: If time allows, we start by reading a dog-themed children’s book. Our staff brings supplies to make no-bake dog treats, providing an excellent introduction to fractions and reading measurements. We introduce students to dogs (if available at the shelter), teach them how to safely approach new dogs, and answer dog-related questions. Kids can interact with the dogs, give them treats, and even listen to their heartbeat with a stethoscope. This session can be hosted at the shelter or a location of your choice.
  • Reading for Rescue: Research shows that reading to animals in a shelter environment has a calming effect on both the animals and the readers. Reading for Rescue is an initiative aimed at providing enrichment for shelter animals and fostering collaboration with young learners across Canyon County, Idaho. Participants can choose a children’s book to read to the animals, and we provide a comfortable setup for an enjoyable experience.

For further details and to schedule an educational session, please contact our Education Coordinator. 

The Humane Education Program is designed to promote animal welfare, knowledge, and compassion in our community, and we look forward to engaging with you and your group.

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