West Valley Shelter Programs

West Valley Humane Society tries to offer as many shelter programs as possible with its limited budget. These programs are designed to benefit our community through public outreach, education, low-cost services, and need-based initiatives. 

Check out some of our programs below: 

Spay the Mama

Spay the Mama is a great way to assist our community with unplanned litters in their home. This program gives the community member all of the supplies to care for their litter like: food, formula, vaccines, dewormer, and other medical care and spays the mama and neuters the father free of charge to the owner. 

Education Program

West Valley Humane Society launched its Education Program in the Fall of 2018 and has plans to expand over the next five years. Through this program, the shelter does outreach in schools, libraries, museums, and other community spaces. 

The topics covered through the Education Program are varied and can be adjusted to meet the needs of your classroom, event, space, or needs. 

West Valley Humane Society prides itself on serving the people and pets of Canyon County Idaho. In order to best serve our community, the shelter regularly researches, develops, and implements shelter programs that provide affordable and humane services for the pets of Canyon County.

West Valley Humane Society serves pets with a holistic array of services to people and animals that include: safe and secure temporary housing, medical care, food and nutritional support, enrichment, exercise, and behavioral modification for strayed, lost, and homeless pets. West Valley Humane Society also provides low-cost preventative care for its community such as: vaccine clinics, microchip clinics, spay/neuter services, and targeted humane education.

West Valley Humane Society has a limited-service veterinary clinic that provides basic care for animals in our area. These services are available by appointment only and are offered based on staffing and resources available. 

Humane Education is a key part of the shelter’s strategic plan. Through this program, the shelter does outreach to children in schools, libraries, museums, and other community spaces. 

The shelter has multiple programs to serve the cats of Canyon County. Due to the severe overpopulation of cats and kittens in our community, our programs focus on providing safe, humane, live outcomes for cats entering the shelter- friendly and feral. 

Please review our cat programs to see what option may work best for you. 

We are thankful for the service of our military and offer a 15% discount on all adoptions for those in the service. Please provide identification and proof of service at the time of adoption. 

All seniors over the age of 65 also receive a discount of 15% for any animal. Dogs over the age of 10 can be adopted for a reduced fee of $50 for anyone over the age of 65. 

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