Welcome to Our Foster Program

At West Valley Humane Society, our foster program plays a crucial role in saving the lives of animals who need extra care and attention. Whether you’re interested in providing a temporary home for kittens, puppies, animals with medical needs, or those requiring behavioral intervention, we have a foster opportunity for you.

Foster Care Options

Register To Foster

Do you have the space, time, and love to provide for animals in need? Our Register To Foster program allows you to welcome animals into your home, offering them a safe and nurturing environment until they’re ready for adoption.

Foster Opportunities:

  • Bottle baby kittens
  • Kittens that are too young for spay/neuter
  • Moms with kittens
  • Moms with puppies
  • Puppies without a mom
  • Animals in medical recovery
  • Animals with a ringworm diagnosis
  • Heartworm positive dogs

Raise the Ruff Foster Program

Our Raise the Ruff program is a temporary initiative to help us with the shelter’s roof repair project. By becoming a Raise the Ruff foster, you’re providing a helping hand in our shelter’s improvement efforts.

Virtual Foster

In the Virtual Foster program, you can make a positive impact by promoting shelter animals for adoption. Spend time with your chosen furry friend, capture their best moments, and help them find their forever homes.

We appreciate your interest in our foster programs, and we’re excited to match you with the perfect foster experience. By participating in our foster initiatives, you’re contributing to the well-being and happiness of animals in need. Thank you for making a difference in their lives!

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