Welcome to Our Foster Program

A wide variety of animals need a foster home to succeed. Kittens and puppies who are too young for adoption, animals with medical needs, animals who are shelter-stressed, or need behavioral intervention. Let us know who you might be interested in helping and we would love to find you a foster match!

You can make a world of difference by fostering a shelter pet. Here are the most common needs for care:

  • Bottle baby kittens
  • Kittens that are too young for spay/neuter¬†
  • Moms with kittens
  • Moms with puppies
  • Puppies without a mom
  • Animals in medical recovery¬†
  • Animals with a ringworm diagnosis
  • Heartworm positive dogs

Our Biggest Need Currently

Treatment of a cat with ringworm is normally 3 weeks to 3 months. Cats tend to recover faster in the kind of loving, low-stress environment that only a home can provide! Treatment involves a daily fungal spray, oral medication and a weekly lime dipping to help kill and control the spores. Though it may feel like a lot of hard work, ringworm is totally curable, non-lethal, and not nearly as scary as it seems at first. Since these cats are routinely euthanized in other shelters, your choice to foster them saves lives!