Intake Processes for West Valley Humane Society

Owner Surrender Process

We understand that sometimes life can change and those changes can have unattended consequences for our pets. To learn more about our owner surrender process, fees and limitations:

Stray Drop Off

Stray domestic canines that are found in Canyon County, ID are always welcome at West Valley Humane Society. If you have found a stray pet, click below to find out more on our policies and procedures:

Rescue Transfer

West Valley Humane Society is happy to help other shelters and rescues in need whenever able by transferring animals into our care. To inquire about transferring animals into our care please:

Animal Control

West Valley Humane Society does not have animal control services as part of the shelter. Animals that are brought into our care are from community members or city/county animal control bringing pets into our care. For information on how to get in contact with your areas Animal Control Services please click here:

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