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Spaying, Neutering, and Returning for Healthier Communities

West Valley Humane Society is dedicated to tackling the issue of cat overpopulation in Canyon County. Like many places across the country, we’ve initiated a Community Cat Program. By following in the footsteps of esteemed organizations like Best Friends Animal Society, Humane Society of the United States, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, we aim to make things better for our feline friends.

The Challenge

The overpopulation of cats has been a persistent issue in Canyon County. Unfortunately, less than 4% of cats entering the shelter system nationwide are reunited with their original owners. Our community faces a similar challenge. When owners try to reclaim their cats brought in as strays, the return rate is less than 2%, often involving microchipped cats.

A Change in Approach

Our Community Cat Program is based on a proven approach: Dedicated Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, and Return. This humane and effective strategy ensures cats stay healthier, cease reproduction, and become less of a nuisance to our community.

Our Goals

  • Return Healthy Cats: Our ultimate goal is to return cats to their communities in better condition than we found them. This includes spaying/neutering, vaccines, and other necessary treatments.
  • Reuniting Friendly Cats: Friendly cats are returned with collars and/or microchips. We follow up if they have a collar with a phone number.
  • Feral Cats: Healthy, well-fed feral cats with treatable medical conditions are returned to their known area, which has shown higher success rates.
  • Population Control: Through spaying/neutering services, we aim to reduce the population of homeless, stray, and community cats.
  • Disease Prevention: By providing vaccine services, we contribute to reducing the spread of preventable diseases.
  • Community Engagement: We encourage community members to advocate for the welfare of cats and help create more live outcomes for these feline friends.

Getting Started

To initiate the program, please complete the Community Cat Program Form by using the button below. One of our Cat Coordinators will contact you to discuss the next steps, including bringing in the cat, spay/neuter surgery times, and program details.

Important Notes

  • Live Traps: All feral, semi-fractious, and under-socialized cats must be brought in a live trap. If the cat can’t be easily handled, a live trap is necessary for the safety of the cat and our staff.
  • Evaluation: Cats brought in will be evaluated for overall health and temperament. This program is designed for healthy, well-fed cats that are uninjured. Sick or injured cats will be assessed and may or may not qualify for the program.
  • Program Fees: Community cats will be spayed/neutered and vaccinated for $25 per cat. There is a $50 fee per cat if they are located outside of Canyon County.
  • Deposit: Participants may be asked to provide either a credit card or a cash deposit to join the program. A $50 deposit may be required, which will not be charged unless you fail to return for the cat.
  • Return: You must pick the cat up after their surgery and return it to the exact location where it was found. Research shows that cats do best when returned within 36 hours, preferably within a quarter-mile of where they were picked up.
  • Medical Services: West Valley Humane Society does not have a full-service veterinary clinic. Animals in our shelter system take priority. We will work with you to schedule appointments based on clinic staff availability and funding.

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