Veterinary Check Up

Veterinary Checks for Adopted, Foster, and Clinic Pets

Veterinary Check Up Eligibility

West Valley Humane Society offers no-cost, basic examinations and support for:

  • Adopters: Within 14 days of adoption.
  • Animals: That have received spay/neuter services at our clinic.
  • Animals: In foster care with the shelter.

What's Included in Our Veterinary Check Ups?

Our veterinary check ups involve a basic physical examination to address minor concerns such as “kennel cough,” feline upper respiratory infections, or spay/neuter incision checks. These checks are part of our commitment to the health and well-being of your newly adopted or fostered pet.

Limitations and Recommendations

While we strive to provide excellent care, it’s important to note that our resources are limited. We cannot perform advanced diagnostic tests like blood tests, radiographs, cytology/biopsy, fungal cultures, or bacterial culture and sensitivity.

If you believe your pet requires such tests, we recommend consulting your regular veterinarian.

The post-adoption recheck is not a replacement for regular care or examination with your veterinarian. Adopted pets may have preexisting undiagnosed medical conditions. In some cases, conditions may be beyond the scope of the post-adoption recheck, and we’ll recommend consulting your regular veterinarian.

Exposure to Infections

Please be aware that animals at WVHS may have been exposed to various infections, including bacterial, viral, protozoal, or parasitic infections. The availability of post-adoption rechecks is subject to clinic staffing and hours of operation. For immediate or intensive care needs, please seek assistance from your regular veterinarian.

Surgical Aftercare

Animals spayed or neutered at our public clinic may incur additional treatment or surgical fees if post-operative instructions are not followed. To ensure your pet’s well-being post-surgery, we strongly advise purchasing an e-collar and limiting the animal’s activity.

Emergency Care

In case of emergencies, please contact your personal veterinarian or an emergency veterinarian for immediate care. The shelter may have limitations on appointment availability for emergency situations.

General Care

For basic physical examinations addressing concerns like “kennel cough,” feline upper respiratory infections, or spay/neuter incision checks, please fill out the form below.

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