Animal Control

Animal Control Services in Canyon County

West Valley Humane Society operates as a holding space for animals picked up by Animal Control. Our primary goal is to reunite these animals with their owners during a designated stray period.

Local Animal Control Services

  • Nampa Animal Control:
    The Nampa Police Department oversees animal control services within Nampa’s incorporated city limits. For animal-related issues in Nampa, please contact Nampa Police Dispatch for assistance.

    Click here for Nampa Animal Control

  • Caldwell Animal Control:
    Animal Control Services in Caldwell, managed by the Caldwell Police Department, operate from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week. For after-hours emergencies or specific complaints, please reach out to the police department.

    Click here for Caldwell Animal Control

  • Canyon County Animal Control:
    For residents residing outside the city limits of Nampa or Caldwell, the Canyon County Animal Control is the primary resource for addressing animal-related concerns.

    Click Here for Canyon County Animal Control

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