Did you know?

  • Nationally, less than 4% of all cats brought into the shelter system are ever reunited with their original owner. 
  • Cats are 13 times more likely to make it back home without human intervention than with it. This includes: rescues, shelters, and good Samaritans. 
  • On average, cats roam in a circular territory from their homes or food sources. The average roaming distance is 42 acres for female cats and 153 acres for male cats. 
  • The average house cat can end up with multiple caretakers. As soon as someone starts to feed a neighborhood cat, they will add the spot to their regular route. In a study done by Best Friends on a door knocking campaign, it was found that some cats had up to 4/5 people who thought they were the sole caregiver for the cat.
  • When West Valley Humane Society did their Community Cat Program research, it was found that the majority of cats had a caregiver within a 1/4 mile of where they were picked up from as a stray. 

How to know what to do with a found cat?

Leave In Community

  • Cat appears to be a healthy weight.
  • No visible injuries or illness present.
  • No visible testicles or signs of kittens.
  • Cats ear is tipped.
  • You have seen this cat in your neighborhood before.

Bring to Shelter or Rescue

  • Cat is underweight: ribs, hips or spine are visible through fur.
  • Visible injuries or illness present.
  • The cat has visible testicles, kittens are present or know to not be sterilized.
  • This is a kitten who is not being cared for by a parent.

Worried about a cat you found?

Here are some things you can do just in case: 

  • Take a picture of the cat and note the location it was found.
  • Post the cat as a sighting on Lost and Found Pages on Facebook.
  • Post the cat as a sighting on Apps like Next Door or even on Craigslist.
  • Post the Cat as “Found” on FindingRover.com 
  • Keep an eye on the cat and if you see it again. If it stays in good condition, it likely has a home in the area. If you see it’s condition decline, that is a great time to intervene.
  • If the cat is injured or sick- please surrender the cat to your local shelter.
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