This program is designed to help kitten finders with unplanned litters of kittens.  To participate, the finder agrees to surrender the entire litter to the shelter and foster the animals in their home until they are big enough to be spayed/neutered (usually around 8 weeks of age). 
There are two ways a kitten finder can participate:
1. The participant signs up to be a foster parent through the shelter and brings the kittens in for evaluation. The participant can start the program with kittens of any age and the shelter will provide food, vaccines, deworming and other necessary medical treatment while they are in foster care. At 4 weeks old, the litter will come in for a vet check and their first vaccines. They will come in for check-ups and vaccines at 6 and 8 weeks of age. When the litter is old enough to be placed for adoption (usually 8 weeks), the shelter will ask you to return the kittens to the shelter for services and adoption. If this option is selected, there is a $100 deposit for services. Financial information will be held but a deposit will not be charged unless the participant does not return the kittens to the shelter. 
2.  The participant takes care of the litter until they are 8 weeks old and surrenders the litter all at once. There is no deposit necessary as the litter is surrendered for medical care and adoption services the same day. 
Here are some of the requirements:
1. You must live in Canyon County or the surrounding area.
2. The litter must live indoors and be socialized and healthy.
3.  You must surrender the entire litter, but if you decide you want to adopt one of the kittens later you are welcome to do so. You cannot adopt out any of the kittens until after they are spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

Why do you need a Kitten Intake Prevention Program?

During what we call “kitten season”, the shelter is inundated with kittens of all ranges. Due to the overpopulation of cats and the rate at which they breed, we are often left with more kittens than trained fosters to care for them. By requesting that the finder of the kittens serve as a foster home for them, we are able to save more lives every year.

What if I cannot foster the kittens I found?

If you are not able to foster the kittens that you found you are welcome to surrender them to the shelter as long as they are 4 weeks or older. Fees range from $50.00 to $200.00.  

If kittens are young enough that they are not able to eat on their own a foster home will be required in order for the shelter to take the kittens in. If no bottle baby foster homes are available, and the finder is not able to foster, the finder may be asked to look for other resources or find a foster home. 

Why is there a surrender fee for kittens?

It costs the shelter an average of $82 a cat to cover the medical expenses in order to get them ready for adoption. With kittens, the cost is even higher with regular booster vaccines, kitten formula, bottles, and other supplies. 

Why do I need to leave a deposit if I am fostering the kittens I found?

When you sign up to foster the kittens we provide you with all essential supplies free of charge. This includes: formula, bottles, wet food, dry food, litterbox, litter and more. We also give up to 3 vaccines, dewormer and other medical treatment to these kittens. Unfortunately, we have had multiple situations where folks take advantage of the program and then do not return the kittens to us for adoption. Our goal is to make sure that all kittens are spayed/neutered and healthy prior to adoption. A deposit helps to incentivize bringing the kittens back for services.

How do I sign up for the Kitten Intake Prevention Program?

These options will be offered to you when you fill out a stray intake form. It is a part of the stray intake process. If you have not started that process, please visit us here: 

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