Virtual Foster

Virtual Foster Program

What is a Virtual Foster?

A virtual foster is a volunteer who selects an adult animal (cat or dog) available for adoption to promote. As a virtual foster, you play a crucial role in helping shelter animals find their forever homes.

Your Responsibilities as a Virtual Foster

  • Spend Quality Time: We encourage virtual fosters to visit the shelter regularly (ideally at least once a week) during business hours. Spend time getting to know your chosen animal.
  • Outings and Activities: Take your “foster” on a walk, spend time with them in our designated areas, or plan a fun doggy date outside the shelter.
  • Create a Foster Bio: Write a captivating biography for your foster to help potential adopters get to know them better.
  • Capture Moments: Take photos and/or videos of your furry friend to share with the world. A picture or video can speak a thousand words, and it could be the key to finding your foster’s forever home.

Getting Started

  1. Fill Out Application: Begin by filling out the application below. This includes a release of liability and photo consent to ensure the safety and privacy of all participants.
  2. Online Orientation: Our volunteer coordinator will provide you with access to our online orientation program, which covers everything you need to know about volunteering and animal handling.
  3. Training: You’ll receive training on how to work with your Virtual Foster, the volunteering process, and where you can go with your foster.
  4. Help Them Get Adopted: The most critical part of being a virtual foster is helping your chosen animal find a loving home. Spend quality time with them, document their personality, and share pictures, videos, biographies, and stories to showcase their best selves.
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