It is with great sadness that West Valley Humane Society writes to inform you of the death of our leader, colleague, friend, and executive director, Karly Cantrell.
Karly was the heart and soul of West Valley Humane Society and a fierce advocate for both animals and people in need. She was a kind, compassionate and empathetic friend, mother, wife, grandmother, and daughter. Her impact on the world moves far past the animal shelter and directly into the hearts of the many she took under her wing.
Karly started her career at the shelter as an Animal Care Attendant and worked her way up position by position to leadership. She led by example, had a strong work ethic, and became an agent of change by transforming the shelter from a county-run facility to a self-sustaining private non-profit with community-based programs.
Under Karly’s leadership, West Valley Humane Society evolved from a standard holding facility for stray animals to a leader and resource in animal welfare. Karly arrived early, stayed late and was always available. Her presence will be deeply missed.
Karly was always engaged and made time for everyone in their moments of need. She was innovative, creative, motivated and determined in all aspects. Her perseverance and dedication led West Valley Humane Society on a journey to excellence. Her contributions are long lasting and will continue to serve animals in need and the Canyon County Community for years to come.
Karly hated to be in the spotlight and hated, even more, to be boasted about. We wish we could go back in time and showcase all her contributions in the moment.
Karly’s loss leaves many grieving and many questions unanswered. Please be patient with us as we work to develop new leadership strategies.
In the immediate term, urgent communications should be directed to: which will be monitored by our leadership team while we navigate changes.
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