What is a Virtual Foster?

A virtual foster is a volunteer that selects any adult animal (cat or dog) available for adoption to promote. Virtual fosters come by the shelter when they are able (the goal is at least once a week) during business hours and spend a little time getting to know the animal of their choosing.

Virtual fosters can spend time with their “foster” on a walk, in the conference room, or on a doggy date out of the shelter.

As a virtual foster, we ask that you write a cute bio for your foster to help them get adopted. We also ask that virtual fosters take a couple of cute pictures and/or videos of their furry new friend to share with the world.  Your help can help show an animal as their best selves- hanging out with someone who cares for them. 

Fill Out Application

To start, fill out the application below which includes a release of liability and photo consent.

Online Orientation

Our volunteer coordinator will send you our online orientation for volunteering and animal handling.


You will be trained on how to work with your Virtual Foster, the volunteering process, and where you can go with your Virtual Foster.

Help Them Get Adopted!

The next and most important step is to help your chosen animal get adopted! This includes meeting them, hanging out with them, taking them on adventures, and overall being their advocate! Sending in pictures, videos, personality notes, biographies, fun stories etc. can help them find their perfect fit with an adopter!

Virtual Foster Application

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Convictions will not automatically disqualify you from volunteering.
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