Court Ordered/Mandated Community Service

All community service workers must attend orientation. Orientation is held each Wednesday at 4:00 pm. Please review the information below in preparation: 

  • This 30-minute orientation will be counted for community service hours.
  • Everyone attending the community service orientation must be at least 16 years of age. Anyone under 18 years old must have a parent present during orientation. The parent must stay with the child during the orientation. This includes the completion of paperwork and during the tour.
  • During orientation, community service workers will receive the rules and expectations. They will be required to provide the information listed on the form.
  • Each person will be provided a timesheet. 
  • Community service workers will be required to stay on-site at all times.
  • Community service workers are required to follow all rules outlined for the staff at WVHS.
  • No hats, drug-related clothing, no sweatpants/leggings/pajamas. Closed-toed shoes are required. Cellphones are not permitted.

All hours will be added up when required community service hours are completed. Community service workers will give 24-hour notice, excluding weekends and holidays. The proof of completion will include a copy of their hours and a completion letter.

Once the community service timesheet is turned into WVHS staff by the participant, completed service hours will be totaled by authorized staff. The completed timesheet will be mailed to the participant within two full business days (excluding weekends and holidays).