Thank you for your interest in volunteering at West Valley Humane Society! The shelter relies on the assistance of caring, hardworking, and knowledgeable volunteers in all of our programs. 

Volunteers make an enormous difference in our mission to help change the lives of animals and their owners throughout the valley.  There is no act too big or too small that can go towards helping the animals. Here are a few of the things that you can do to help us:

Volunteer Requirements

  • A passion for helping animals in need.
  • A volunteer application and liability waiver.
  • Online shelter training. 
  • Job- Specific Training based on your interests. 
  • Open communication and willingness to volunteer for an organization experiencing growth and changes. 
  • We are currently not allowing minors to volunteer until we have more staffing in place to better support them. 

Adult Volunteers (18+)

To start the process of volunteering, please fill out the volunteer application. Once we have your application and liability waiver signed digitally, we will start the process of training. 

Volunteer training is a combination of online and in-person learning to set volunteers up for success at the shelter. 

Minor Volunteers (under 18)

To start the process of volunteering as a minor, or with a minor- please fill out this application.

Volunteer opportunities vary by age to help keep the safety and security of both children and the animals in mind.  

Children under the age of 16 cannot volunteer unaccompanied by an adult. Teens between 16-18 can volunteer without an adult but with the permission of a parent/guardian and with limited activities. 

Groups of Volunteers

To start the process of volunteering as a group, please fill out the volunteer application. 

This is where groups such as:

  • Girl / Boy Scouts
  • Volunteering with a workgroup
  • Group community service

School Projects

To start the process of completing a school project at West Valley Humane Society, please fill out the application. This is the area to complete the form for:

  • Internships
  • Observation hours
  • Senior Project
  • School Service Hours