West Valley Humane Society

West Valley Humane Society serves Canyon County, Idaho with a holistic array of services to people and animals that include: safe and secure temporary housing, medical care, food and nutritional support, enrichment, exercise, and behavioral modification for strayed, lost, and homeless pets. West Valley Humane Society also provides low-cost preventative care for its community such as: vaccine clinics, microchip clinics, spay/neuter services, and targeted humane education.

West Valley Humane Society was founded in 2011 after Canyon County Animal Shelter became privatized as a charitable nonprofit entity. The organization serves thousands of animals in Canyon County and surrounding areas each year and continuously looks to provide support to network partners and the rescue community. West Valley Humane Society is a brick-and-mortar animal shelter that is a private, charitable, nonprofit Idaho 501(c)(3) Corporation.


West Valley Humane Society is an open admission shelter for canines in Canyon County, and limited admission for other species of animals, and works with other counties/regions on a limited intake basis. This includes transferring animals from overcrowded areas. WVHS is staffed by an average of 40-45 employees and relies on the care and support of our dedicated volunteers and foster parents. Since our founding in 2011, we have served tens of thousands of domestic animals ranging from dogs and cats to chickens and pigs.

“A Pet is a Lifetime Commitment”

Mission Statement

The mission of West Valley Humane Society is to reunite animals with their families and to pave the way for the next generation through public outreach, promotion of the human-animal bond, community engagement, and humane education.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a model of excellence in advancing animal welfare and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Board Members

  • President: Tammy Dittenber
  • Secretary: Patti Moylan
  • Treasurer: Carly Costello
  • Nomination Committee Chair: Kathy Gomez
  • Board Member: Nancy Orr
  • Board Member: Kevin Kline
  • Board Member: Patti Free 

Operations Staff

  • Executive Director: Jennifer Adkins
  • Director of Operations Jessica Lee
  • Director of Human Resources: Kimberly Mink
  • Veterinarians: Dr. Wayne Loertscher, Dr. Jeffrey Israel, Dr. Teresa Sauer
  • Clinic Staff: Alyssa Cuellar, Shelle Grove, Melissa Cuchillo and Deanna Whalen
  • Front Desk Managers: Kaitlyn Prince & Beth Heitzman
  • Animal Welfare Manager: Madison Kuntz
  • Kennel Managers: Dre Juarez & Michelle Garner
  • Cat Coordinator: Alexis Sabado
  • Dog Intake: Paige Becker
  • Dog Behavior: Kimera Meunir
  • Social Media Specialist: McKenzie Heileman
  • Volunteer & Education Coordinator: Adam Morgan
  • Foster Coordinator: Anna Bingham
  • Animal Care Staff: Jordan Alicea, Miya Austin-Bubb, Crissa Bradshaw, Anthony Brewer, Courtny Gonzalez, Aly Kincade, Dennis Laverty, Lester Longton, Alma Luna, Bella Naegeli, Kylie Nilsson, Sarah Pincock, Bryan Severy, Jordan Slater, Lynn Sneiders, Everett Steen, Conifer Woods, and Kyrsten Wright
  • Customer Service Staff: Emily Gamble, Bailee Grant, Heather Montgomery, and Jacqueline True
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