Our Stance On Spay and Neuter

West Valley Humane Society is firm in its stance that all pets must be spayed/neutered before leaving our care. The overpopulation of pets is the number one reason why healthy and happy pets across America are euthanized in shelters that have limited resources. In Canyon County, we cannot “rescue” our way out of the overpopulation of pets. The best way we can ensure all domestic pets have loving and caring homes is to make sure that the number of pets stays within a range that people have homes for. This means prioritizing spay and neuter programs and guaranteeing that all pets who leave our care are not able to reproduce. 

Choosing adoption over backyard breeders, and making sure to not support agencies who are excessively breeding dogs for profit, is a good way to limit the incentive for people to irresponsibly breed.

What are the benefits of spaying and neutering?

Spaying and neutering your pet makes a great difference when it comes to overall health and behavioral concerns. 

Spaying and neutering will reduce the chance of your pet having certain types of cancers that are related to reproductive health. It can also increase your pet’s life expectancy by an average of 20% according to some studies. 

Spaying and neutering will reduce undesirable behaviors like: roaming, digging, marking, aggression, and some forms of anxiety. Removing the desire to breed can remove stressors from your dog’s everyday life and lead to a more peaceful home life. 

One of the biggest advantages of making sure your pets are sterilized is the removal of accidental pregnancies and litters. Reducing the overpopulation of pets is the only way to make sure that all pets have happy and healthy homes. 

Great Resources and Research on Spay/Neuter:

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