How to Reclaim a Lost Pet

Please follow the following steps to reclaim a lost pet: 

  1. WVHS is open by appointment only.
  2. Review our Lost and Found Webpage to see if your missing animal is at the shelter. We update our intake photos quickly after an animal comes in. 
  3. Fill out this form completely to set an appointment.
  4. Fees are determined by variables found at the bottom of the main Lost and Found page. We cannot give fees over the phone.

Ways to Prove Ownership:


Having your pet microchipped with your contact information is the single best way to make sure a pet comes back into your care. A microchip trumps all other forms of ownership records and the owner on record is contacted as soon as the microchipped pet comes into the shelter.

If your pet is microchipped, but not to you, the shelter will try to contact the microchip owner for permission to transfer ownership. If that person(s) cannot be reached, your animal will remain on hold for 5 business days, excluding weekends and holidays. At the end of the hold, an appointment will be made for you to retrieve the animal and the microchip will then legally be transferred into your name for ownership.

Veterinary Records

Veterinary records are held at any clinic you visit with your pet. They can be sent to the shelter in one of two ways:

  1. You can ask for your veterinary records to be sent to you directly and you can include them in this form.
  2. The veterinary records can be sent to the shelter directly at this email address:

You can often prove ownership by providing 5 photos that show the animal over a period of time. Showing 5 photos from the same day/event does not prove ownership. Please email these photos to

Bill of Sale 

A bill of sale from the shelter, rescue, or breeder that you received the pet from. Email that bill sale to

Permission Letter

If this dog is not your dog, but you are reclaiming for a family member or a friend. Please have them write a letter that includes the following: 

  • “I, NAME, give permission to YOUR NAME to pick up/reclaim my pet PETS NAME from West Valley Humane Society on DATE.” 
  • The letter must be signed and dated by the owner.
  • The owner’s driver’s license must be placed on top of the letter and a photo of the letter and driver’s license must be taken at the same time.

If this dog is your dog, but the microchip on records indicates someone else, you can include the same letter but also have them indicate:

  • “This pet was rehomed to YOUR NAME on DATE and they are now the owner of this animal.” 

Please email a permission letter to

Please note, it is required for all dogs to have a rabies vaccine in the state of Idaho. If your dog is current on a rabies vaccine, please bring proof of vaccine to your reclaim appointment.

Proof of Ownership Form

This can be found under the picture of your pet on the Lost & Found page of our website
If your animal is spayed, please provide proof from the veterinary clinic that preformed the surgery.
All animals 3 months of age and older are legally required to have a current rabies vaccination. If your animal is current, please have your veterinary clinic send the record to us, or bring it for your appointment. If your animal is not current, WVHS will vaccinate your animal before s/he leaves the shelter.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
This is used to create your account at the shelter. If you have difficulties uploading a picture, please try with your cell phone. Your phone will automatically adjust the size of the file to fit the requirement of this form.
By signing, I am signifying that I am the legal owner/guardian of this animal. The undersigned has read all of the terms of the Reclaim Form and understands, accepts and agrees to be bound by the above conditions.