At West Valley Humane Society, we know that the shelter environment is not always a good fit for our pets. The transition from a home environment where they are comfortable to a shelter environment can put stress on their health and behavior.

Animals that are adopted from a home environment tend to be happier, healthier, and have fewer behavioral concerns than pets in a shelter environment. The Adopt From Home program allows an owner or foster to adopt an animal out from the comfort of a home.

For animals to participate in the Adopt From Home Program the following must happen: 


  • The pet must be brought to the shelter to be vetted and evaluated. 
  • If the pet has any medical records like spay/neuter history or vaccine records, please bring them. 
  • Pets would leave the shelter in the care of their owner or caregiver as a foster home during the adoption process. 
  • For pets that are already altered: we will evaluate the animal’s health and bring them up to date on vaccines and parasite treatment. Staff will make the animal an account, post them as available for adoption on our website and send them back to the comfort of a home. 
  • For pets that are not altered: we will evaluate the animal’s health, bring them up to date on vaccinations and parasite treatment, and spay/neuter them prior to adoption. They would then go back to the comfort of home while waiting for adoption. 
  • Animals available for adoption would be promoted by the shelter as well as the caregiver in order to get them adopted into a new and loving home. 

There are many benefits of adopting a pet from a home environment. We have noticed the following as positive trends: 


  • Pets are less stressed and have healthier immune systems. This prevents animals from contracting common communicable diseases like: Upper Respiratory Infections, Kennel Cough, Panleukopenia, and Calicivirus. 
  • Animals show their true personalities more accurately. This allows the caregiver and adopter to have more accurate conversations about the pet and their true colors.
  • Caregivers are able to have conversations with potential adopters and ensure the animal in their care is going to a home that would be a good fit.
  • The caregiver or foster would be required to provide a personality write-up on the pet which we will use to place them for adoption on our website. 
  • The caregiver or foster should provide good pictures to show the animal in their best light. 
  • The caregiver or foster would be required to provide their contact information on the adoption profile for potential adopters to contact you directly. 
  • The caregiver or foster is recommended to also create a profile for the pet on for additional promotion. Click on “Rehome A Pet” and follow the prompts to post for adoption. 
  • The caregiver or foster must be able to come to the shelter with the adopter to finalize the adoption process.
Please make sure to include the breed of the animal. If it's a cat, you can put DSH (Domestic Short Hair) or DLH (Domestic Long Hair). Also, include the color of your animal.
WVHS will update vaccines when your pet comes in for assessment. If they are current, please contact your veterinary clinic and have them fax records to (208)454-7811 or email them to
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This is used to create you an account at the shelter. If for any reason the photo does not load, we can photo copy it when you arrive at the shelter.
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We use this to create a profile for your pet. If for any reason this photo does not load we may ask you to send in a picture of your pet prior to your appointment.
$ 0.00
This is the amount of the hold that will be placed on your credit card as a deposit. Your card will not be charged if you meet all terms of the agreement. There may be additional medical care needed for your animal once they are evaluated for surgery- our clinic staff will call you with any changes or additional pricing.
  1. I certify that I am 18+ years old.
  2. I certify that I am a resident of Canyon County, Idaho.
  3. I am the owner or agent of the owner of the animal described above and I have the authority to execute this consent. I have fully disclosed all known pertinent medical history of the animal named above to the best of my ability.
  4. I understand my pet will be evalauted for health and behavior prior to being accepted into the Adopt From Home Program.
  5. I understand that I am formally surrendering my pet to the care of West Valley Humane Society.
  6. I have disclosed all known behavior issues and any history of aggression or biting.
  7. I agree to place a deposit fee as outlined above and that fee is dependent on the medical previously given to your pet. Surrender fees go to care for the general care of the animal as well as additional medical care such as: vaccines, dewormer, flea treatment, spay/neuter surgery and any other medical care needed.
  8. I understand that there are no fees to participate in this program unless the participant violates this agreement. In which case, the shelter will charge the participant for the cost o medical care provided as part of this program.
  9. I agree to foster my pet until a new home is found. While fostering, I agree to provide food and basic care unless otherwise supplied by the shelter.
  10. I agree to provide pictures of my pet that show them in their home environment.
  11. I agree to provide a write up/biography of my pet that helps show their personality and characteristics for an adoption.
  12. I agree to communicate with potential adopters about my pet to lead to an adoption. I will provide contact information and allow the shelter to post that contact information publicly to discuss my pet.
  13. I agree to formalize any adoption at the shelter. This allows a safe meeting place for the adopter and adoptee to meet and allows us to complete the paperwork portion of the adoption in person.
  14. I agree to keep the shelter up to date on potential adopters and any updates about my pet.
The undersigned has read all of the terms of the Consent Form and understands, accepts and agrees to be bound by the above conditions.
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