West Valley Humane Society launched its Humane Education Program in the Fall of 2018. Humane Education is a key part of the shelter’s strategic plan. Through this program, the shelter does outreach to children in schools, libraries, museums, and other community spaces. 

The topics covered through the Education Program are varied and can be adjusted to meet the needs of your classroom, event, space, or needs. 

  • General animal welfare and pet care
  • Pet safety tips and bite prevention
  • ‘How To’s/ What to Do’s” for common questions
  • Storyboard activities and poster projects
  • Creative Writing Activities for Adoptable Animals
  • Professions in Animal Welfare

We have an exciting new curriculum for multiple subjects from STEM to reading and writing. Contact us with your needs and we would love to meet in your area! 

Tortoise and the Hare

  • We read Tortoise and the Hare as a group to start the lesson.
  • WVHS brings Tortoises and a Rabbit and talks about fun facts about the animals and lets the kids interact with/feed the animals. 
  • WVHS brings arts and craft supplies to make paper plate tortoises.
  • We play some Tortoise and the Hare-themed games to end the lesson with an interactive activity.
  • We start off by doing a cat themed story time to get all of the kids engaged and interested.
  • West Valley Humane Society allows students to visit with our cats at the shelter.
  • WVHS brings cat toy making supplies and sets up a fun arts and crafts activity for the kids to bring home to their own family pets (or donate the toy if they don’t have any cats in their family).
  • In some cases we’ve done cat fort making with old boxes, markers and decorations etc. 
  • This can be hosted at the shelter or at your chosen location (library, classrooms, community center etc.)
  • Sign up here: https://signup.com/go/KqufYnQ
  • If time allows we start by reading a Dog Themed Children’s book. 
  • WVHS Staff brings (peanut butter free optional) supplies to make no-bake dog treats. This is a great introduction to fractions and reading measurements. 
  • WVHS Staff brings out dogs (if at the shelter) and discusses how to safely approach new dogs (part of our bite prevention program) and answers dog questions. 
  • Kids can interact with the dogs, give them treats and we let them listen to their heartbeat with a stethoscope. 
  • This can be hosted at the shelter or a location of your choosing (libraries, classrooms, community centers, etc.). 
  • Sign up here: https://signup.com/go/OOnqWGd
  • Have your kids come and read to our animals!
  • Research shows that reading to animals in a shelter environment can have a calming effect on both the animals and the reader. Reading for Rescue is an initiative put on by West Valley Humane Society to help provide enrichment for shelter animals in need and to collaborate with young learners across Canyon County, Idaho. 
  • As part of Reading for Rescue, participants can choose one of our children’s books or bring their reading material to read to the animals. We can provide a blanket or a towel to sit on, a chair to use or you can bring your cushion to sit on. 
  • Reading for Rescue is designed to provide kennel enrichment for the animals in our care. To provide a safe and fun experience for everyone, all participants need to schedule a meeting with our Education Coordinator to go over expectations.
  • Sign up here: https://westvalleyhumanesociety.org/reading-for-rescue/

Looking for a fun way to give back to your community with your kiddos? At West Valley Humane Society, kids can get a free lemonade stand kit to use wherever they would like. Recommended locations are: 

  • In your neighborhood 
  • In a local park
  • At an existing event
  • At the shelter

At the shelter itself Proceeds from the lemonade stand go to help animals in need and make a big difference!

Those who participate can choose a prize and are entered to win larger prizes based on how many donations they get. The lemonade stand kit includes: 

  • A Tablecloth
  • A Pitcher
  • Lemonade Mix
  • Plastic Cups
  • A Stirring Spoon.

We will have a big lemonade tracking bulletin board to see everyone’s progress and see who can win the top prizes!

Sign up here: https://westvalleyhumanesociety.org/lemonade-stand/

Contact our Education Coordinator Here

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